Our sponsors are critical for this outstanding event. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have Collinsville HOT.

This year, all sponsorship gifts and donations are tax deductible, thanks to Canton Main Street which is a federal 501(c)(3) organization. If you would like to be a Collinsville HOT sponsor, please click Collinsville HOT 2018 Sponsor Registration to review your sponsorship options.

Sponsorship at the Blazin’, Flaming’ and Sizzin’ levels includes a 10×10 booth for your business. With booth space starting at $150, you can pay a few dollars more for the booth and additional exposure for your business before and after the event on multiple local websites, on the Collinsville HOT event poster and as part of the vendor list and event map.

You can also help with a personal donation by using the PayPal form below. We thank you for making this event more enjoyable.

Blazin' Sponsors 2018

Canton Main Street ad CP 300x250
Remedy One 300x250
America Beautiful 2018 300x250
Bantam Wesson 300x250
Collinsville Savings 300x250
Yoga Center 300x250

Sizzlin' Sponsors 2018

Carol Co 300 x175
Collinsville Press 300x175
Ellen 300x175
Harvey Lewis 300x175
Lava Motors red 300x175
Premier Energy Martel
Stephen Stang 300 x175
SL Audio 300x175
Words that Move 300 x175
Wilson's 300x175

Burnin' Sponsors 2018

Burning III 2018

Sparkin' Sponsors 2018

Sparkin II 2018