Sponsor an Amazing Community Event

Our sponsors are essential to hold this outstanding event. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have a Collinsville Hot.

Visibility for Your Business

Now in its 5th year, Collinsville Hot has become a summer event for residents and area visitors love to attend this full day festival. Each year it has attracted 3,000 to 5,000 visitors to the village. Over the months leading up to the event, tens of thousands view the event pages on our social media channels and websites.

Put Your Sponsor Booth on Main Street

Sponsorship at the Blazin’, Flaming’ and Sizzin’ levels includes a 10×10 booth on Main Street to put you in front of our 3,0000 to 5,000 expected visitors for the day so you can meet your current and future customers.

Tax Deductible Donations

Collinsville Hot is organized and produced by the volunteers at Canton Main Street, Inc, a federal 501(c)(3) organization. That means your sponsor donation is tax deductible.Sponsor Levels Available

Review the Collinsville Hot sponsor packages to learn about the opportunities to place your businesses in front of the thousands that will attend the festival and the many more thousands that will browse the festival website over the months leading up to the event.To register as a sponsor, complete the form below. It looks like a long form but it’s not. Depending on your browser and device, you may need to scroll to see the full form. Scroll and complete the form field until you get to the “Submit” button at bottom.

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Registration Form to see all details.

Make Payment for Your Sponsorship with PayPal

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Not a Business – Make a Personal Donation

Love the event and want to support us? You can help by making a personal donation for any amount using the PayPal form below. We thank you for making this event possible.

Blazin' Sponsors 2019

Next Gen White 300x250

Canton Main Street ad CP 300x250

Sizzlin' Sponsors 2019

Bantam Wesson 300x250

Remedy One 300x250

Collinsville Savings 300x250

Yoga Center 300x250

America Beautiful 300x250

Flamin' Sponsors 2019

Dance by Kristin 300x175

Lava Motors red 300x175

Collinsville Motorcars 300x175

Grindstone 300x175

Ellen 300x175

Words that Move 300 x175

Collinsville Press 300x175

Rutterkey Solutions

Burnin' Sponsors 2019

B Creative 300x100

Lasalle 300x100

Shoppes FV 300x100

Sparkin' Sponsors 2018

Sparkin July 14 300x250