Collinsville Hot
Saturday, July 17, 2017

Information Booths
An information booth will be located on North Street near the intersection of River Street (near Dowd Insurance and ABC Pizza) from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Another information booth will be on the Farmington River trail near the Crown and Hammer. Visitors can get festival maps at both locations.

Parking and shuttle
Martel Transportation has generously donated buses to shuttle visitors to downtown Collinsville from Canton High School at 76 Simonds Avenue. Free parking is available at Canton High School. Visitors will be dropped off by the shuttle at the corner of River Street and North Street in Collinsville near the Frontier Communications building. The shuttle will run from noon to 10 p.m. Limited parking will be available in Collinsville.

Food will be available from from local restaurants in downtown Collinsville. Your favorites will be available from Lisa’s Crown and Hammer, LaSalle’s, Francesca’s, and ABC Pizza. Discussions are ongoing with additional food vendors to ensure that everyone has something wonderful to eat.

Suburban Sanitation has generously donated several Port-o-Potties that will be strategically placed around Collinsville for guests attending Collinsville Hot.

Road closures
The following roads will be closed to vehicles in Collinsville on Saturday during Collinsville Hot.

  • River Street: From North Street to Main Street
  • Main Street: From River Street to Front Street
  • Front Street: In front of 10 Front Street
  • The Main Street parking lot, usually used for the Town Hall and the Farmer’s Market, will be closed.

If you have additional questions, look for our Collinsville Hot volunteers with our easy-to-see festival shirts.

Emergency Preparedness
Additional police personnel will be on site and fire department equipment will be in place should the need arise.

Collinsville, CT
Canton High School (free parking)

Proceeds to benefit Canton Mental Health Task Force
A portion of proceeds raised above and beyond the expenses of the Collinsville Hot festival will be donated to the Canton Mental Health Task Force.

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